Eye Care

The doctors at Clarin Eye Care in Palmetto Bay and Coral Gables Eye Care provide emergency eye care services for people experiencing ocular emergencies in the greater Miami area. While some eye injuries can and should be handled in the emergency room, our doctors can treat many eye emergencies.  

Signs You Need Urgent Eye Care  

If you or a family member are experiencing some of these signs and symptoms, the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends you seek immediate medical attention.  

  • Burning or stinging eyes
  • One eye not moving like the other
  • Decreased vision or double vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Bruising and/or bleeding around the eye
  • Blood in the white of your eye
  • Discharge from your eye
  • Severe itching sensation in your eye
  • New or severe headaches
  • A sudden increase in the number of floaters and flashes in your vision


Eye Emergencies  

These conditions are considered eye emergencies for which you need emergency eye care services. If you experience these conditions, please contact us immediately for care.  

A red eye 

If you have a red eye with some discharge, we recommend seeing us for care. Conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye, is viral and highly contagious, so it’s important to treat this condition promptly. Pink eye isn’t the only type of infection that can cause a red eye with discharge, though, so it’s important to see us for care, as our doctors can properly diagnose the cause and treat it.  

Foreign Body in the Eye 

If you get something stuck in your eye such as metal or wood, do not attempt to remove the foreign body yourself with cotton swabs or tweezers, as you can damage the cornea, the front surface of the eye. Our doctors can remove the foreign body from the eye properly.  

Chemical Burn on the Eye  

Chemical burns on the eye can cause burning, stinging, redness, pain, swelling of the eyelids, and blurry vision in the short term. If left untreated, they can do serious damage to the eye, including damage to the retina, corneal ulcers, and even loss of the eye. If you get chemicals in your eye, immediately remove contact lenses if you wear them and contact us right away.  

Sudden Vision Changes

If you suddenly see flashing lights, spots, or an increase in the number of eye floaters, contact us immediately. Sudden vision changes can indicate the presence of a retinal or corneal defect that can cause permanent vision loss if left untreated or can be the result of a detached retina. There are also other serious eye conditions that cause sudden vision changes for which we recommend you receive emergency eye care.  

Emergency Eye Care in Coral Gables and Palmetto  

Have an eye emergency? Need urgent eye care? Contact us today for further instructions. We understand urgent eye care situations can happen at anytime, and we are here to help!  

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We provide emergency eye care services for people experiencing ocular emergencies in the greater Miami area