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We are proud to serve our community for more than 30 years. Meeet our doctors.

Fashion Optical

Designer eyeglasses, sunglasses and premium eyeglass lenses.

Eye Health Techlology

We are using the latest technology to provide our patients with the most thorough eye exam experience.

Dr. Adam Clarin, O.D.

Dr. Bruce Clarin, O.D.

Dr. Genesis Morales, O.D.

Dr. Laura Espinosa, O.D.

Dr. Leslie Scher, O.D.

Eye Exams

foundational to eye health and vision care

Contact Lens Exam

contact lensES for your eye health, vision, and lifestyle

Dry Eye

Diagnosis and Treatment


and Refractive Surgery

Myopia Control

see clearly at a distance

Emergency Eye Care

ocular emergencies

Pediatric Eye Exam

ensure their eyes and visual skills are developing on track

Specialty Contact Lenses

specialty contact lens fitting


non-surgical alternative to LASIK

Had a wonderful experience at Clarin Eye Care! The front staff was very nice and polite when I arrived and at the moment of choosing the frame for my glasses. Dr. Espinosa was very professional and thorough explaining everything. She’s awesome! Got my glasses very fast!

– Maria L.

The ladies in the reception are great, and very polite. Dr Lesley Scher is great! She explain everything in details. I had a great appointment.

Suellen Fletcher

Fashion Optical

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Eye Health Technology

Corneal Mapping

Visual Field Testing