As a parent, making sure your child has good vision is of the utmost importance. While vision problems can be easily corrected with glasses and contact lenses, they can also cause serious issues if left untreated. But how do you know when it’s time to go to the eye doctor? Here are some signs that may indicate your child has a vision problem that needs attention.

Frequent headaches or eye strain

If your child complains of frequent headaches or eye strain, it could be a sign of vision problems. This is especially true if the headaches occur after long periods of reading or staring at screens. To reduce eye strain, consider limiting your child’s screen time and having them take regular breaks from activities like reading and writing. If the issue persists, it’s best to have their eyes examined by an optometrist.

Poor performance in school

If you notice your child struggling academically or having difficulty seeing the board in school, they may have a vision problem. Poor performance in school can be caused by any number of things. However, if your child has difficulty reading or focusing on small print, then it’s possible they need glasses or contacts. Keep in mind that even if your child doesn’t think they’re struggling academically, they may still be affected by an undiagnosed vision problem. That’s why it’s best to schedule regular pediatric eye exams to be safe!


Another common sign of a vision problem is squinting while looking at objects up close such as books and screens. Squinting puts extra strain on the muscles around the eyes which can lead to headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms over time. If you notice your child squinting more often than not, it could be a sign that their eyes aren’t working as efficiently as they should be, and it might be time for an eye exam.

Tilting their head

If your child tilts their head frequently, this could indicate a vision problem. This behavior may help them to see objects more clearly by adjusting the angle of their eyes.

Red or watery eyes

If your child’s eyes are frequently red or watery, this could be a sign of eye strain, fatigue, or allergies. It’s important to rule out any underlying medical issues that could be causing these symptoms.

Avoiding activities that require good vision

If your child is avoiding activities like reading, drawing, or playing sports, it could be because they have an issue with their vision.

If you notice any of these signs in your child, you should schedule an eye exam with an optometrist right away. These professionals are trained to identify and treat vision problems in children. They can recommend glasses, contacts, or other interventions to help improve your child’s vision.

In addition to scheduling regular eye exams, there are also things you can do at home to help support your child’s vision health. Encouraging outdoor playtime, limiting screen time, and ensuring proper lighting during activities like reading and homework can all help to reduce eye strain and promote healthy vision.

Knowing the signs of vision problems in kids and taking proactive steps to address them will help ensure that your child’s vision is healthy and strong, setting them up for success in the future. If your child is showing signs of vision problems, schedule an eye exam with us today in Gables, FL, or Palmetto Bay, FL!